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Quality Control


Quality control in electronics manufacturing services is very important to us and we strive for the best possible outcome. As an electronics subcontracting company, Muurlan Elektroniikka is committed to offering the best possible quality to its customers. This is also reflected in our values. Quality and quality control is important to us, which is why it is taken into account in every step of the electronics manufacturing process from start to finish.


Checking incoming material

We perform a receiving inspection for all incoming material. We check the circuits, types, quantities and quality of the components. If necessary, we also use X-rays to help with the check.

Proper storage

We store moisture-sensitive components in a dry cabinet.

Printing paste

We use only high-quality stencils, paste and other auxiliary materials in our production.


Soldering line

The soldering options of our production line are: vapor phase, reflow, wave, selective and hand soldering. The quality of the solders is checked after the procedure.


All products manufactured in our production are inspected. We use microscopes, AOI and X-ray devices to help with the check.

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