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Our Electronics Manufacturing Services

From design to manufacturing

Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)

Our service offering in electronics contract manufacturing consists of design services, material procurement, testing, circuit board assembly and device assembly. We check the traces of our work visually and with an X-ray device.



Our design services include product specification, electronics design, circuit board design and software design. Regarding electronics design services, we cooperate with our partners if necessary.

Material procurement

In material procurement, we buy the parts needed for electronics manufacturing based on the defined criteria and the agreed delivery time. We only use reliable component suppliers who are able to deliver the goods in the agreed time.


In testing, we only use functional testers to confirm the flawlessness of the product.


Printed circuit board (PCB) assembly

Printed circuit board (PCB) assembly involves assembling components on a printed circuit board. Modern hardware enables precise installations of even the most demanding components.

Device configuration

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are installed in the space or housing designed for them.

X-ray equipment and quality assurance

The quality of the products can be checked by X-ray inspection.

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