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Environment & Climate Change

As part of a more carbon-neutral future and a greener business, we aim to apply the operating method according to the ISO 14001 standard in our company and reduce our carbon footprint by continuously developing our operations, from the beginning to the end of the product's life cycle.


Our company and personnel are committed to an environmentally friendly way of operating. It means that in addition to complying with the standards, the energy and electricity used in our company has zero emissions, we consume water and energy responsibly, we recycle and sort waste, we reuse packaging cartons, we aim to favor domestic manufacturing (which reduces carbon dioxide emissions caused by logistics) and we support commuting in our company with a charging station for electric and hybrid cars.

The implementation of environmentally friendly methods and actions also requires us to cooperate with various operators. We follow the latest research information and are involved in developing our industry while taking the environment into account.


The environment and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions have also become equally important in electronics contract manufacturing and subcontracting. We at Muurlan Elektroniikka also want to participate in reducing carbon dioxide emissions in electronics manufacturing services.


Our climate goals

We want to leave a cleaner future for future generations. We have drawn up a carbon neutrality strategy, set a goal and chosen the means to achieve the goal. We will publish our set climate goal here as soon as the calculations are completed.

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