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Muurlan Elektroniikka as a company

We are a domestic electronics contract manufacturer founded in 1983. We are a solid and reliable partner for companies that want a high level of service and delivery reliability.


In the future, we strive for growth and continuous development of our operations. We want to be a profitable operator in our field and service-oriented for our customers, which is why we strive to invest in customer satisfaction, quality and the continuous development of our services.


We want to provide our customers with high quality, fast and flexible deliveries. Our principle is that the customer gets the package he wants as ready as possible, easily and effortlessly within the agreed delivery time.

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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Muurlan Elektronikka's mission, i.e. the purpose of our existence, is to produce high-quality electronics manufacturing services. Our vision, i.e. our goal, is to be an electronics manufacturing company offering the best quality and customer service in Finland in the future. We achieve this goal with our values ​​and future-focused strategy.

Muurlan Elektroniikka's values ​​symbolize our way of working as an organization and common decisions, because the values ​​have been decided together with all our employees. Our values ​​are total quality, internal entrepreneurship, flexible customer-oriented operations and profitability as the basis of our success.

Muurlan Elektroniikka's values


Overall quality

Total quality means that the product meets the required quality standards from beginning to end. For us, quality also means precise and professional operation, both in terms of quality and delivery times. Quality is looked at at different stages throughout the manufacturing process. 

Internal entrepreneurship

In our company, internal entrepreneurship means motivation, can-do attitude, team spirit and responsibility. For us, internal entrepreneurship means that everyone is ready to take responsibility for their own work, acting in a high-quality, motivated and open manner as a team player. Everyone should also always be ready to help and serve both colleagues and customers. In addition, this value also includes the desire for continuous self-improvement and improvement of work quality.

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Flexible customer-oriented operation

For us, flexible customer-oriented operation means that we act briskly and service-oriented: we are therefore a reliable and quickly responsive supplier. In addition, flexible customer-oriented operation means listening to the customer and taking into account their special wishes. We are also open and honest towards customers and we also want to help the customer succeed.

Profitability as the basis of success

Profitability as the basis of our success means that to us, as a supplier we want to focus on offering our customers better quality, delivery reliability and being able to keep what we promise. Often our solution is the best option in the end. This is also the basis of our success.

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