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Muurlan Elektroniikka

Muurlan Elektroniikka, founded in 1983, is a company focused on electronics manufacturing services (EMS), whose operation is profitable and its financial position is strong. The company name Muurlan Elektroniikka consists of the name of the manufacturing place and the latter part means electronics in Finnish.

In electronics manufacturing, we try to pay special attention to the quality of our work and the quality control of our products, so that we could offer only the best to our customers, i.e. you. We want to provide our customers with high-quality electronic products and fast and flexible deliveries.

 Our principle is that the customer gets the electronics contract manufacturing package they want as ready as possible, easily and effortlessly within the agreed delivery time.


Environment and Climate Change

The environment and climate change have become important themes in our industry as well. In Muurlan Elektroniikka, we are also striving towards a more carbon-neutral future.

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Urheilutie 2, 25130 Muurla, Finland

02 728061

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